White Label Program

Helping take your brand to the global market...

YAH-Scribe Publishing offers a carefully curated private label publishing solution that is designed to support new and existing publishing companies and their clients. Our experienced, efficient team works closely with our white-label partners to ensure the success of their brand and their authors’ books.

YAH-Scribe is your publishing partner, ensuring that all your authors are successfully published while you get all the credit! Our one-stop experience enables each publishing house to focus on increasing profits and providing exceptional customer service. Our clients can have peace of mind as we carefully manage all the complexities involved in distributing authors’ titles for production lists.

Our team is committed to ensuring that you are successful at every stage of your business process. Our talented and highly skilled staff has developed a robust online platform that includes a public-facing website and an internal infrastructure designed to automate many of your regular processes, such as author registration, invoicing, project management, bookshop orders, and author-restock orders, among many others.

Our white-label publication dashboard provides our partners with access to a back-end store containing additional support products, templates, marketing material, and online support in the form of expertise and guidance provided by our YAH-Scribe team.

Services Available To Our Partners:

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