The Publishing Process


The publishing process is not as overwhelming as you may think. Most new authors over think the process of publishing their book and sometimes get what is known as writers block. In most cases this can be easily avoided by just hiring a professional team like YAH-Scribe.

Our professional team will help you step-by-step so that the entire process is as underwhelming as possible.


Unlike traditional publishing companies YAH-Scribe DOES NOT charge any royalties on your work. As you will see in your future invoice we charge a one time fee to publish your book.

On your initial print you will be required to print 60 Books. After that you will have the option of printing your books in quantities of 30.

YES, our distribution network will make your book available in many markets all over the globe including by not limited too U.S., U.K., Canada, France, Australia, Germany, Japan, and many other countries

YAH-Scribe will payout all book sales as soon s they hit our bank account and will also provide a updated statement to the author quarterly.

YAH-Scribe can work as quickly as you allow us but ultimately the time frame is completely up to you. We can get your book published in under 30 days if everything is in order.

The better question is where will it not be sold. Our distribution network is massive, proving your published work to libraries and book stores globally. However a few places include Amazon, Banres & Noble, iBooks etc. Take in mind though in most cases you generally need to sell at least 25,000 copies before bookstores become interested in carrying your book on hand. That’s the bad news. The good news is that because of how technology has evolved your book, in most instances, will be available to bookstores through their ordering network.

We will provide you with 3D mockups of your book as well as marketing on social media. In addition your potential readers can purchase your book via our website at  We are currently in the process of putting together a monster marketing package to help our authors skyrocket to the next level.

Your book must be submitted in a format that can be edited. We accept MS Word (.doc, docx) and Apple pages formats for all books.

Unfortunately, no. As soon as we start laying out your manuscript in our formatting software, it stops existing as a Word document. We can, however, provide you with your fully completed PDF, however remember to follow the contractual agreement that you signed with YAH-Scribe concerning the printing of your book.

Because of the way e-readers display content, your ebook will never be a mirror image of your print book. Different e-reading devices allow users to personalize their reading experiences. This means that users can choose different font sizes and styles. Other factors that affect the look of your ebook include screen size and the display technology used by each device.

There are many variables that go into calculating the cost of printing your book such as the number of pages and how many books you choose to print at a time. We will solidify this once we know exactly how many pages will be in your book.

YOU DO, We do not believe in having you sign away the rights to your book. The only right we retain is to use your book for our marketing purposes.