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Call For Pricing

This is the perfect starter package for a first-time author who wants an exceptional book. 

**additional books can be purchased al carte**


Call For Pricing

This is the perfect package for the author who wants the whole publishing experience with a marketing push.

**additional books can be purchased al carte**

The Elite

Call For Pricing

This is the perfect package for the author who wants everything that  YAH-Scribe has to offer. 

**additional books can be purchased al carte**

Now Offering Financing.

Through our sister-company Worship Media Group. YAH-Scribe has engaged a finance partner. We now offer a financing solution to cover all of your publishing needs, in full. Your only obligation will be to make your payments to our finance partner. We want to help you get the very best package available to help make your book the best it can be.

Writing An Antholgy?

A multi-author anthology is a project encompassing a collection of short stories or short novels written by different authors, typically in a single volume, for publication. Alternatively, it can be a collection of selected writings by one author.

Fragments Book ONLY
Have Any Questions?


If you have a question that is not listed please feel free to reach out to us via the contact page by clicking here.

The better question is really “where will my books NOT be available.” Our distribution network  encompasses 48.5K independent retailers globally. Some of these retailers include Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, Amazon, Walmart* Target* Kindle, Ibooks n more.

The pricing we offer at YAH-Scribe reflects the professional quality standards alongside our kingdom minded relationships we hold with our authors and the global distribution partnerships we hold with our independent book retailers. In short, we are not the cheapest, but we are far from being the most expensive. We manage your entire publishing process so that you don’t have to.

There are a ridiculous amount of variables that go into calculating the cost of your books including paper type, pages count, size and the quantity you want.Once you are fully published you can find your final print costs for reordering your book in your author portal under Author Restock.

We know you are excited to see your book available on amazon. Please be patient. Under normal circumstances, your book should be available for purchase on most websites within 4 weeks however realistically it will take 6-8 weeks for your book to appear on all websites. We do not control when independent retailers include your book in their catalog as each retailer updates their listings on their own schedule. If your title is not showing up on a specific retailer website, the issue is probably isolated to that retailer. If you have planned events and publicity around your book becoming available through these vendors we recommend that you set your public events at least 6-8 weeks after your book has officially become available for public sale.

First off YAH-Scribe does not take any royalties because the literary work actually belongs to you. We simply retain an exclusive lifetime right to print your book. We do however charge a handling fee which different from order to order depending on the quantity of books.

We do not currently offer advances on royalties. We are a hybrid publishing company not a regular publishing house.

Yes, you will always own the right to your book and all of the royalties you earn (minus retailer commissions) you will simply grant us an exclusive lifetime publishing and printing license

Yes, absolutely. But don’t worry we include editing in all of our publishing packages. 

Yes. If you previously self-published your book or had a different publisher, you can switch to YAH-Scribe Publishing, we would love to have you. However we will need to be sure that you have the rights to transfer your title for publishing and printing to YAH-Scribe Publishing.

Books that have been previously self-published are easy to transfer.

For books that have been previously published by another publishing house, you’ll need to look at your publishing contract to see if you still own the rights to your work. If you have questions about whether or not a previous publisher controls the rights to your work, you should reread your publishing contract in detail, contact your publisher, and/or contact your attorney. We require a publishing release or a letter from your previous publisher in order to republish your book

YAH-Scribe will work as quickly as possible to publish your book. Once you sign your contract we will get to work immediately. The process will take between 4-6 months for your book to become publicly available depending on how many revisions your book needs during our thorough editing, layout and printing process.

No publisher is capable of doing all the marketing for an author. We encourage all our authors to connect with influencers, churches and local bookstores that may not already be stocking your book in their digital catalog. To be honest your potential readers don’t give a tar about who your publisher it, they care about connecting with you-the author. We will provide you with any many resources as we can to help you promote and market your book. For additional resources that may not be in your publishing package please check the store in your author portal.

In the rare instance your book submission is rejected by us based on its contents we will gladly refund you minus any work we have already put into your book (eg your book cover) However honestly speaking about 98% of the time we will know way before you pay or sign a contract if we are willing to publish your book.

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