Wounded In The House of My Lord




Apostle Tara Brumfield


This story is taken from events in my life. This is one that almost destroyed me. It’s that giant called Church-Hurt. The hurt that I have experienced in the church is so much deeper than what most of us experience in the world. Church is usually a part of your life experience. It is the place where you learn to trust and “let your hair down”. It is where you connect with others you treasured as sisters and brothers. The closer people are to you, the deeper the love and the more you feel the hurt. For many years we have swept it under the rug like so many other things, but how can we be real, true and get healed, if we never face the truth. When the truth comes to light, we can face life’s challenges head on.knowing that our God is with us, we can rise and be victorious and overcomers to those things that come to destroy us. Prayerfully, my story will be uplifting, encouraging and will help you undertsand who you really are. It will help you know the call on your life and how the enemy wants to keep you from your destiny. Remember Every Giant Must Fall He did it for me and he will do it for you.


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