White Label Program

$29.99 / month and a $50.00 sign-up fee

Partner with YAH-Scribe Publishing and take your brand to the next level. YAH-Scribe is your publishing partner, ensuring that all your authors are successfully published while you get all the credit! Our one-stop experience enables each publishing house to focus on increasing profits and providing exceptional customer service. Our clients can have peace of mind as we carefully manage all the complexities involved in distributing authors’ titles for production lists.



  • Book Cover Design
  • Editing
  • Layout & Typesetting
  • Author Promo Video Design
  • Custom Marketing Material
  • Wholesale Marketing Print Products
  • Access To Customized Website Portal
  • Royalty Portal on Custom Website
  • Contract Template
  • Custom Author Press Release
  • Access to 2,400 Digital Billboards
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