The Radical Remnant




Do you feel it? Have you ever had a feeling that history is at a crossroads? We are experiencing present day shakings in our nation and in the world. There is cry within us saying: What can we do? What must be my response? How can we shift a nation to righteousness? Can a future for our children and grandchildren be preserved? How can we save America?  How can we change a culture that has gone morally adrift? 

People are being stirred across America hearing and asking these same questions. Amidst the adversity and pessimism there is a praying  “Radical Remnant” that is being called. There is a realization that a window of opportunity is upon us. Many are being awakened to the fact that God wants to use any who answer the call. What about you? A call is being made for intercessors, watchmen, and those who have a passion to pray. A “Great Awakening” is upon us! We can turn America around and be a righteous nation (Proverbs 14:34). Will you answer the call and be one of the “Radical Remnant”?