Pale Into Black


This item will be released April 4, 2020.


Lori Mae McCauley, a beautiful blonde thirty-six-year old fitness trainer, was reared by her father to distrust and shun Blacks at all costs. In her childhood, members of the Black race did hurtful things to her family. As she mystically transforms into a woman of color and is forced to walk in the shoes of someone who belongs to a race she abhors, she becomes a “White woman trapped in a Black woman’s body”. She then goes through excruciatingly painful experiences that cause her to become healed of her prejudices. While still Black, she meets and falls in love with a handsome Black attorney who she shockingly discovers despises Whites, especially White women, because of what had happened in his childhood. When she returns to her White persona, he flees from her. A lesson well learned.


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