Gathering The Fragments That Nothing Will Be Lost





Linda Hunt


What is a Fragment?

It is a part broken off or detached, an isolated,

unfinished, or incomplete part. An anthology is a collection of true stories of women having overcome the many trials of life. Some of these women have been broken and shattered by their circumstances, yet they have emerged stronger and wiser. They at one time were incomplete, fragmented, and broken, but now they are healed, whole, and equipped to help other women recover their true happiness and true identity.

You cannot step into your higher purpose that God has for you until you are willing to allow yourself to become healed and whole. Many did not find their purpose in life until they began their path of inner healing. If you feel you are not sure what you are created for and yet know there is more, this is the book for you. You will see a visible demonstration of a group of women who gathered their fragments, that nothing they went through will be lost, and now they have more leftovers to help other women become free.


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