Elevate Your Mind To Prosper



Brenda Washington

This item will be released 2024-04-30.

Are you “there” yet? Almost everyone I talk to has this place they’re trying to get to called “there”. So exactly where is this place called “there”you ask. It is your place of purpose. It is a place in the seat of the imagination in your mind’s eye, where all of your dreams, desires, hopes, visions, callings and mandates reside.  We go to sleep at night dreaming of being “there, and wake up in the morning with this burdensome dread that we’ve not arrived “there” yet. “There” is the place that’s calling you to open a business, open a school for underprivileged youth, stamp out world hunger, or to do something that literally seems impossible because the dream is so big in your mind. It will requires that you leave your safety net, your 9-5 job, living paycheck to paycheck, struggling with your health, move to another location or perhaps travel to an exotic place that you’ve never been before. Life has a way of interrupting our journey to “there” and continues to keep us stuck in never ending cycles, while we’re trying to figure out how to comeback from setbacks.

Elevate Your Mind to Prosper is a book that teaches you to see everything from a higher level, state or position. It will shift your thinking to plan and strategize so you can go from where you are now, to the place that you’ve always known you were destined to be. This book will not only teach you transformational next level thinking but allow you to remove limiting doubts and beliefs and stop repeating the mistakes of the past.

You know what they say…..there’s no place like home, Allow me to take you on a journey as your elevation coach and mentor, and not only will you get to this place you call “there”, but you’ll learn how to achieve continuous success and prosper when you arrive.

Come on! Let’s go there together and Elevate your Mind to Prosper.


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