Print Rate Increase March 8, 2022

Q: Why is this price increase happening?

Due to increases in the cost of paper, packaging, labor, and operating safely during the pandemic, we, unfortunately, must increase our printing fees.

Q: How will this affect my titles and/or compensation earnings?

Since the print cost will be increasing, you may need to adjust the retail price of your book.

NOTE: simply increasing your retail price by a certain percentage may not allow you to earn the compensation you are currently receiving.

Please reach out to your account manager to discuss your new selling price

Q: What will happen if I don’t change the pricing for my book?

We encourage you to look and your current pricing and print cost to determine how much you will earn with the new increase. Doing this will help you ensure your title doesn’t show a negative amount for compensation earnings.

NOTE: Due to Daylight Savings time changes happening at different times throughout the world, please always check the time for Detroit, MI, to ensure you don’t miss the cut-off time of 11:59 PM US Eastern Time each Thursday.

Q: Will shipping costs and handling fees be increasing?

Yes, shipping and handling pricing all over the globe has seen a dramatic increase in pricing.

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