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"Large publishing houses often focus only on “well-established” authors who have large fan bases or followings and forget about helping the next generation of upcoming authors."

"YAH-Scribe is and always will be available to help God’s people be a success as they begin their publishing journey."

YAH-Scribe Publishing

The Trusted Name In Christian Publishing

YAH-Scribe Publishing is a God-inspired project/enterprise/undertaking over a decade in the making. It was never in our founders’ “plans” to enter the publishing industry, but once God confirmed that this was His plan, it became impossible to continue ignoring the call. We realized we had a responsibility and an anointing to be a resource to God’s people.

Writing a book is a futile effort if one does not take great care in ensuring that it will sell. Any book left on the inventory shelf might as well have never been published. YAH-Scribe is a premiere book publishing house. Our award-winning team provides authors with unique battle plans to set them up for excellence and financial success.

Our one-stop experience provides each client with peace of mind. You can rest assured that our professional book masters thoughtfully attend to every aspect of your book, overseeing each project with a spirit of excellence.

We have a passion for helping upcoming Christian authors complete and publish their books. Your book is more than just a project for us; we desire to help you birth the vision God has deposited into your heart, and we strive to develop meaningful relationships with our authors. This approach allows us to help each author establish an exceptional brand and effectively navigate the publishing market.

In short… We exist to serve you.

Hands down the stats don't lie.
YAH-Scribe Publishing is truly an anomaly, by the grace of God. Ask any of our authors how they feel about the results YAH has gotten them.


Average Profit Margin on Printed Books

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