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Publish Your Book in 4 Easy Steps



We take meticulous care in refining your book so that it is ready for the world to see.


YAH-Scribe takes meticulous care to ensure that every author’s book is well refined and edited before it ever hits the shelves.

This is one of the most critical steps in your publishing journey. We believe in keeping an author’s voice intact. We are here to ensure that your work is polished, refined, and articulate.

Our team analysis each manuscript carefully to ensure that it is viable and measures up to industry standards.


Designing & Typesetting

A book that is clean and well put together will be easy for a reader to follow.

Designing & Typesetting

Readers love reading books that are well put together and follow a clean design layout. Books that are messy and not well planned out make readers anxious and are difficult to read. Our book masters take meticulous care in refining your book so that it is ready for the world to see.



A picture is worth a thousand words and despite what we have been taught everyone judges a book by its cover.

Promotion & Marketing

Every book that comes before us is defined by the story that is inside and is bursting to be shared with the world. We will take your great literary work and transform that way it looks inside and out. Our industry-leading graphic designers will craft a stunning cover that will draw in your potential readers and help your book sell. After all, a book that doesn’t sell is as good as a book that wasn’t written at all. Once the cover is complete and you have approved it, regardless of the stage of your interior layout the book will become available for preorder on the web.

The marketing and promotion of your book is crucial. Our professional graphic artist will ensure that your book is accompanied by the best promotional material available to help you tell the world about your book. Additionally, we offer many al carte promotion and marketing services to help promote your book to the world.



A book left on the shelf is a book better not written at all. Let’s get that book out there.

Sales & Revenue

Now that your book has been Refined, Designed, and Promoted its time that it becomes available for the world to ready. Authors who publish through YAH-Scribe are automatically entered into the YAH-GLOBAL® distribution network. We are invested in ensuring that your book sells because we believe that while writing the book is fantastic making sure it sells is even better.

Our Best Sellers

Check out some of the successful authors we have published and brought to market.

Help My Mind Has Been Highjacked

From $19.95

The chapters of this book will help us to understand how and why our mind is failing us. 

Divorce Journey

From $19.95

Hopelessness overshadowed my days, depression forged a friendship and I quickly learned how to feel alone in a crowded room. I am now a statistic. My circumstance forced me to Trust God in the dark.

Book Promos

Our Happy Clients

Yahscribe publishing took all the worry out of publishing my first book. Trustworthy and engaging throughout the process.

Linda Hunt The Anthology Doctor

    Yah Scribe Publishing is an innovative Company. They were excellent at making my dreams and visions a reality!!!!

    Dr Charissee Lewis Prophet & Global Minister

      God has used Yah-Scribe to walk closely and encourage me throughout the process of publishing this book and making it available in the hands of hundreds of thousands of people around the world. YAH-Scribe cares about your book as much as you do. You are in good hands.

      Evangelist Mary Frost Prophetic Evangelist & Author

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